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September 28, 2020 Behavioral Financial Advice Virtual Event Presentation

October 07, 2020

On September 28th we hosted our first FFN virtual client event. Our speaker, Chuck Wachendorfer, Partner and President at think2perform, presented Behavioral Financial Advice & Keys to Making Financial Decisions.  If you were unable to attend or are interested in watching the webinar again please click the link below.

Chuck’s presentation was full of great content and effective ideas to help us make better choices and to stay present in stressful situations. The exercises below were two of the top takeaways from the presentation. These are actionable ways to slow down and become self-aware.

 Freeze Exercise (set reminders on your phone 3-6 times per day)

  1. Say ‘freeze’ and pause.
  2. Write down: 1) What am I thinking? 2) What am I feeling? 3) What am I doing?
  3. Ask yourself, “In this circumstance, are my feelings, thoughts and actions aligned with my goals and values?”
  4. Ask, “Is there a better choice for me right now?”

 Four R’s

  1. Recognize your own experience of thoughts, emotions, action and recognize the experience of others
  2. Reflect on the big picture, the long-term, your biases, your values, and moral principles
  3. Reframe your self-talk to account for your biases and to avoid reflexive responses to highly charged emotions
  4. Respond with a decision consistent with your values, principles and goals

Chuck also mentioned the Value Card Exercise. The link below will take you to the assessment.

If you have questions regarding the financial goals you have in place, please call or email. We are looking forward to seeing you in person someday soon! Until then we wish you continued health.